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Johannesburg-based, Xpertek is a leading provider of solutions for the financial services industry and has a global footprint across 19 countries. The group’s loan finance solution, Acquire currently manages R5.8bn worth of loans across its client base. Xpertek owns the intellectual property of the loan finance solution and is solely responsible for the development, implementation and support of the product.

Project Objectives

  • Improve credit approval times
  • Improve governance and
  • Improve decision making in the credit cycle


  • Redesigning and refining the deal application process and
  • Delivering and automating SA Taxi’s new credit application scorecard

Key Challenges

  • Delivering against tight deadlines
  • Automating scorecards that were designed by teams with a limited knowledge of Xpertek’s systems
  • Change management

Why Xpertek?

  • “We believe both the relationship and service have developed from strength to strength over time.” Brad Shirras, S A Taxi
  • Xpertek are the current vendor and provide the loan management platform and process management solution to SA Taxi.

How it was achieved?

A consultative workshop was arranged between the parties to discuss and document the changes needed in Xpertek’s workflow component of the loan solution to cater for the new deal application process.

The changes made


Every manual application received is automatically distributed to users based on business rules. Previously, the process relied on the user selecting new applications when time allowed.

Route matrix

Changes were made to the route matrix to improve consistency and improve decision making.

The route matrix now uses calculations based on previous applications processed thereby providing more reliable decision making.

Vehicle matrix

The vehicle matrix was introduced to govern exposures and ensure other deal terms were not exceeded.

Decision making

Validation rules were built in so that captured information is automatically verified before a decision is taken.

The system makes an automated recommendation on the application, which can be accepted or overridden.

Data integrity

The manipulation of data was minimized.


Podium and decline letter formats were changed to automatically email SA Taxi’s client at the relevant stage in the process. Automated emails are also sent to the dealer informing them of the decision.

Interest calculations

Interest changes were implemented to allow users to capture a total interest rate and the system then calculates the differential.

The result

  • The new credit process shortened from approximately 45 to 20 minutes.
  • Simplified and streamlined deal application process.
  • Reduced subjective decision making
  • Improved consistency in data, reporting
  • Better governance
  • “The latest development work executed by the Xpertek team on the scorecard was really and truly unbelievable and the team really does deserve commendation for a job well done.” Brad Shirras, S A Taxi

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