Xpertek’s loan management solutions can better manage your customers’ payments, interest rates, installment finance, and hire purchase requirements. Xpertek software can improve and optimize the processes in your business including banking and clearing facilities.

On a global scale, everyone is feeling the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Everyone needs to re-assess systems and processes to keep the business financially viable.   Small businesses often start with manual processes to get the business off the ground. They may, however, run into trouble in challenging times with reduced staff because of illness resulting in a backlog of tasks. 

Benefits of adopting systems in your business

  • An automated system will save time
  • It increases accuracy
  • Reduces staff costs

Let’s explore these topics

Saving Time : Which is money to any business

Using management systems and rule based automation is a massive time saver. Having all customer information available at the touch of a button improves the overall efficiency of managing complex financial structures. You can check reports live or you can generate them on an ad hoc basis. It reduces the days or weeks spent to gather information, consolidate figures, compile and complete manual reports. 

You can implement systems that adopt your company’s business rules to reduce time spent by staff on lengthy manual processes.  


Computers rarely make calculation errors, miss line items, or forget to invoice a client. By setting up systems that automate calculations based on the necessary rules per client, you reduce errors from a manual system. 

Staff Costs

If companies run into financial difficulty, staff is often the first to go to bring costs down. When you deploy solutions customised to fit your business, you can upskill staff to use these systems instead. You can reduce costs with efficiencies, and avoid financial hardship.    

Xpertek’s Loan Management System and Payment Switch

You will seeiInstant benefits when you adopt payment, collections, and loan management systems into your business. Investing in a robust solution for loan management, unsecured lending, hire purchase or asset rental can turn your business around. 

Financial institutions benefit from the banking and clearing facilities, including bulk payments, EFT processing, RTGS processing, and clearing of funds. 

Contact Xpertek today to reduce overheads, increase accuracy, client service and optimize profitability. Systems will be customised for your specific business needs. 

To increase your company’s profitability, reduce overheads, increase accuracy and customer service, implement our existing systems into your operation.

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